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Hello, and greetings every one. I am so glad we have crossed paths this year. Maybe it was at the Clio Art Fair, or more recently at Aqua Art. Either way, I am glad we did! I hope your year has been a good one, I know mine has been full of surprises! The most recent conquest; Aqua Art Miami was a rush! I was honored to be a part of this unique location. It was so fitting for me, what about you? How was your experience at Aqua? It was a pleasure to be immersed within so much creativity. I know I grew as an artist getting out of my comfort zone. Where will you be next? Will you be showing, or going? My next plan is a show at home and then back to NYC for the Clio art fair. I will be bringing p

The Body Obscura lands in Miami

It was about a year ago now that Amanda J Armstrong went into the studio and sparked the beginning of her landmark photo series, The Body Obscura. No one knew then that the works she was doing would create this kind of impact. While she sets up at Aqua in Miami, let’s take a look at the spectacular effect she’s had. After her opening in Denver, she was chosen to present at The Clio in NYC. Armed with a handful of prints, she had no idea she’d sell out so quickly. Inspired by the human connection the show created, she said volumes in a short interview, done on site at The Clio. On top of that success, she was asked to present at Aqua in Miami during Art Basel where thousands will see her

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