No POD eaten during ....

After my original collection "POD People" my medium morphed and I found a comfort in Ink Blot type perceptions . I find this a true ironic situation. This was originally an example of a "Flex" of wealth and hoarding during a pandemic. But these tiny packets of poisons painted themselves like tea leaves. I saw creatures that needed help from humanity. I saw also parts of myself , in a cry for a self care moment, after realizing I was internalizing a lot of unnecessary stress. It was slightly disturbing and comforting. Its like Ken Kesey and Tide Pods sponsored The Rorschach test. "The Ink Blot Test" Collection of 7 Unreleased ​Did you even see "POD People"? 'Food For Thought'.....⠀ With t

Artist in Residence

I am an "Artist in Residence", I have adopted this term because I find it much more appealing than 'quararentine'. But I do miss working with humans. My photography is human based, and based on human stories. With out it I am lost. So while at home I have turned to objects! It was also fun to lighten the mood, I have found that I have someone internalized the current world situation. Sadly it might have effected my physical health. So turning to light bright, fun and POP arty... here are a couple of collections just for the sake of #QuarantineArt ! The first: POD people. Actually not inspired by 2019s Tide Pod eaters... but I was more affected by the hoarders. The insane toilet paper and cle

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