Deciding on what goes into the show....

I have a set look and idea for my solo photography art how. Even have some of the images that are going in to the gallery. But... I want to expand on my look and idea. With that I set out on a Victorian, Surreal, Digital, photography journey.

My digital mash up idea is to sprinkle in more of my inspiration.

That being said a perfect opportunity fell into my lap to help another creative shoot her work. I met a young stylist with a vision of turning peoples faces and hair into characters.

Her first idea is Alice in Wonderland. This couldn't be any more perfect. I set out to shoot at Spectra Art Gallery on South Broadway in Denver. Amanda had creatively turned two ladies into Alice and the Cheshire cat.

To throw you off more... no, this isn't even the main focus of the show.

Hair, Make up and styling by: Amanda Brooke ( #AmandaBrookeStyles)




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