I see you looking.

This being the image site there is a lack of information. I know, it's a collection of my more non-commercial photography. As artists we live off sales from prints, and commissions. It isn't an easy living. If you know me and you found yourself here through my social media you know that I have other sites. Those sites are more of my mainstream and commercial work. With the occasional peek into my more personal work. AS I work my way into my solo show I will start releasing more information. Including links for print/canvas/product sites. I will stick to keeping it here ;-)

I also started a freebie grab for new subscribers! If you didn't get the digital printable I created, and you want it... let me know. Always feel free to reply to this. It will come directly to me.

Free Valentines day download and printable art work, valentines day card, Anti-valentines, macabre , Skulls , watercolor , free

I am planning on making a few of these and adding them to the emails. If you haven't signed up for this free Valentines Day download and printable, please do! They are all inspired by "The Body Obscura Show" in May. You could almost call these my own Penny Dredfuls. No penny needed.

You can find the sign up on the SHOW page.

I would love if you also take a moment to explore my work. It is easily found on Wine & Thread .

This is a cultivated collection of my images featured on apparel, and home goods. You can also find unique ways to have my images printed from canvas, wood and metal. Please enjoy, I have poured countess hours into my work.



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