The Body Obscura - Press Release

The Body Obscura

Amanda Armstrong is an amazing photographer with a wide range of styles and talents. Her interest in photography began in high school and has consistently blossomed since then. Her artistic imagery is influenced by Film Noir, and Amanda injects each image with moody shadows, building stories and taking viewers on a journey.

Knowing Amanda’s story will help you understand the nuances of her art. In the beginning, she reveled in Denver’s gritty underground scenes, and her photography appeared in local publications like "Scratch Underground". Fast forward, and now she spends much of her time on the road covering national boxing and MMA events while still supporting local fighters and staying connected with her Denver roots. Amanda has captured large national televised events on HBO, Showtime, ESPN and more, but when she’s not flying around the country for large media outlets, she enjoys working in her Denver based studio located in GRACe, working with both commercial clients and individuals and persuing her artistic interests.

This is the first solo show for Amanda. She’s opted to host her show in the main gallery at the Globeville Riverfront Art Center (GRACe). The opening reception is on May12th from 6-9pm. To help frame her insightful vision, Amanda has gathered the best local talent that Denver has to offer, enlisting world renowned belly dancer Taka Carnes, cheeky burlesque performers, and sounds by talented local DJ and artist Ben DeLory. There will also be local artisans and vendors.

Amanda’s show is titled The Body Obscura, and the world presents itself as an exploration in judgment. While not overtly political, the show is influenced by every part of the current social and political climate, and it presents her views on how judgment permeates all of us, colored by all of our past experiences and what we’ve been taught.

She tells us, “I know we all judge, no matter who we are. Right, left, and in between. I have seen those who are supposed to be the most tolerant just be as judging as those they oppose. These collections are faces. No one in particular, just people I know, people who signed up for the project. All images being captured in the same manner with a twist." When discussing the many head shots featuring gagged individuals, she said, "The gag is a powerful ingredient in these images. It is a representation of wanting to be strong, but finding its easier to shut up. The world is loud enough and no one is making any sense. Maybe we all should just stop once and a while. "

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She went on to say, "Included in the subject of judgment, there will be those who will see those pictures and assume the ‘gag’ is a lifestyle object. For some sure, but are you already judging who you think is, and who is not?"

While pushing the boundaries on judgment, another set of images will push you even further, again breaking the mold of the traditional nude. The world’s publications are saturated in Photoshop perfection, Amanda pushes body identity to the other side of the spectrum, exploring another non-mainstream aspect of beauty. Make your way out to this incredible and insightful look into our assumptions and standards of beauty, viewed through the lens of a talented local Denver artist, whose work carries international exposure.

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