My heart and art back to NYC

You've got to put your art facing individuals who'd be happy to purchase your art with no issue. Art also illustrates abstract ideas and expressions. You also need to place your art before people that pertains to your niche. To individuals that are not familiar with the art, all graffiti seems the exact same. Since art has all degrees of independence, you may produce new rules or break the existent rules based on the kind of effect you wish to create. It enjoys every degree of independence from visual references of the world.

That's where I am now. As Fall starts I find myself in two shows, and they couldn't be any more different than each other! The local show Colorado Aperture is home to my Colorado Nights collection. This is a more "user friendly" collection of street photography and historical landmarks. This show runs at the Art Depot in Littleton until October 7th 2018.

My biggest and scariest ( to me ) exhibition will be at the Clio Independent Art Fair in NYC, October 11th -14th. This is where 5 of my images from my Body Obscura solo show will be on display and for sale.

This for me is marks my leap into focusing on my fine art photography. This summer I took time off the road and home from covering combat sports. It's an exciting endeavor, and a scary one. But most of all, it's on my term, my vision, my feelings going in to each image.

More about the Body Obscura...

Creating social awareness about a problem can certainly be strongly implemented via media and photographs, but this show is all about my personal stories. The pure body contours on screen are possibly relatable, consequently sparking talk about our bodies.

By challenging the standard ideals of attractiveness propagated from the mainstream media by supplying alternative visions of femininity that draw both fantasy and reality -- throughout photography.

I'm opting to exemplify the"organic" body in its own myriad of looks, this frank depiction I see in this series turns towards the surreal.

The ideal way to understand art from a specific

period is to attend an art museum and browse through their extensive collection. With such a wide variety of opinions on what is and what's not art, the artists of today aren't reluctant to show more impressions of the unrest throughout the last century. Although different people may view unique things while taking a look at art, many have changed the type of the canvas. Quite simply, wonderful art has to be in harmony with its medium. Thousands of years back, mosaic art was made with the assistance of basic tools together with creativity.

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