The Road To Aqua Art  Miami

It’s a spectacular thing to see when genius finally finds it’s audience, and the spotlight is shining brightly on Amanda J Armstrong and her Body Obscura project. Fresh from her showing at The Clio Art Fair in Manhattan, there’s little time to rest as she prepares for her debut at Aqua Art in Miami.

Amanda Armstrong Sold! On The Clio Art Fair , Instagram

The staple South Beach art show is a destination event for prominent artists and collectors in the kind of clean, chic style you’d expect from the Miami art scene. For Amanda, it’s further evidence of the kind of artistic success she’s worked hard to earn as well as preparation for international showings.

This native Brit is an unlikely child of the Denver art scene and a fixture in the RiNo Art district, famous for her underground art projects as well as her commercial success shooting on ESPN, Showtime, and HBO.

Amanda J Armstrong working  in the ring on ESPN

You could attribute her vision to a unique connection to people, evident in the way she turns the blood and sweat of combat for entertainment into majestic images of strength. The same insight is clear in the gritty realism and cultural touchstones of The Body Obscura.

Amanda is preparing a wider range for Aqua Art and new images for shows in NYC and Dubai. Her national and international touring will give collectors a rare opportunity to experience exclusive viewings of the continuation of this project.

Amanda J Armstrong coming soon to Aqua Art Miami

The photos in her project are poetic – regal and savage without sacrificing vulnerability. Introduced in Denver, they set off an immediate buzz. With such a triumphant show, it’s no surprise that national and international offerings came in so quickly.

Following the local buzz, she sold out quickly in New York, prompting an onsite interview before she returned home to prepare for new exhibitions. Her studio is humming with activity while she prepares her vision for future audiences.

Amanda J Armstrong at The Clio Art Fair NYC

Suffice it to say, Amanda J Armstrong is taking on the world. Let’s hope we’re all ready.

Amanda J Armstrong exhibit at Aqua Art Miami

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