hypnagogic state.

There is a brief time, between waking and sleep, when reality begins to warp. Rigid conscious thought starts to dissolve into the gently lapping waves of early stage dreaming and the world becomes a little more hallucinatory, your thoughts a little more untethered. Known as the hypnagogic state, it has received only erratic attention from researchers over the years, but a recent series of studies have renewed interest in this twilight period, with the hope it can reveal something fundamental about consciousness itself. VAUGHAN BELLAPR 20, 2016 TheAtlantic.com

But before the shoot, comes the dress rehearsal. Some test images from the up coming shoot hypnagogic state.

Featuring: @pepperfx13

and @MrLeatherColorado2018 (not pictured)

Male mode: @bennylopezjr

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