Thank you, and more!

Hello, and greetings every one.

I am so glad we have crossed paths this year. Maybe it was at the Clio Art Fair, or more recently at Aqua Art. Either way, I am glad we did! I hope your year has been a good one, I know mine has been full of surprises!

Lowes Miami, South BEach, Aqua Art Miami, Basel Week , Amanda J Armstrong

The most recent conquest; Aqua Art Miami was a rush! I was honored to be a part of this unique location. It was so fitting for me, what about you? How was your experience at Aqua? It was a pleasure to be immersed within so much creativity. I know I grew as an artist getting out of my comfort zone.

Amanda J Armstrong, Gallery, Alessandro Berni, Miami, SOuth Beach

Where will you be next? Will you be showing, or going? My next plan is a show at home and then back to NYC for the Clio art fair. I will be bringing possibly two projects with me. I am still in the planning stages. I hope to see all of you soon.

If we haven't followed each other yet : Follow me, and let me know so I can follow you back!


Amanda J. Armstrong

miami, south beach, starlite hotel, basel week, aqua art miami,

The two shows I will possibly be bringing to The Clio Art Fair is The Body Obscura, and hypnagogic state. Please check out the previews below.

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