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Hello all!

So , I am tired. It's taking me 2 days to get over RAW Denver. Showing/Selling in a nightclub environment is a lot of work! It's also a blast. A complete different vibe that the casual gallery.

I have now added this to my unique venue experiences. It was splendid meeting a lot of new faces, and I see some collaborations in the future for sure.

So what is next? It's tour tour tour! I will be back in NYC for another edition of the Clio Art Fair. Again in one of my favorite locations in Midtown. March 7 - 9th I will be sharing a few pieces from the hypnagogic state on metals.

Clio Art Fair featuring Amanda J Armstrong

I am choosing to move away from prints to make each edition more special. I will at most do one , to two printings of each size. I will be hoping to more into creating di bonds, and more unique ways to showcase these intense scenes and colors.

Starting in February you will also find another collection in my first international show in Venice, Italy. This is a month long show. I will have a few pieces from the Necromancer series, and I will be showcased in the beautiful Ca'Zanardi in Venice. I will be arriving for the closing week!

Soon after this is will be sending off my newest collection specifically shot for Dubai. Shooting under rules and guidelines is not usually my style. As you see I am truly immersed in the dark, and daring.

But the best part of the challenge was to still create something beautiful, and a story and a look that I am known for. Challenge accepted. The Collection below " Creating Passage" is headed to Dubai!

All I did was say: "YES!", and I figure it all out later to make it happen.

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