Put the pink pajamas in the salad.

My work always reflects some sort of human condition, and human social stories we face. I have been completely been captivated in this study. To my delightment I have found something better than fantasy, I found something real; hypnagogia. I wanted to create images that are rich, and complex, but fantasy seemed too disconnected with no purpose. The hypnagogic state is real.

I often find, and seek out ways that expose the human for what it is. I've forced the viewer into an uncomfortable state, with The Body Obscura. Exposing the judgemental from their fears of unconventional guttural beauty. Now I linger in the same all inspiring realm of those fantastic minds like Poe, Dali, and Frankenstein.

I recently dug deeper into the human experience with the 'hypnagogic state'. The carnival of fear of all dream like states. This is your true self showing its all encompassing beauty, fear and ugliness of oneself. This bizarre state has been credited to many famous creatives for fueling their work. I myself find this rather unknown state a playground of fantasy and fear.

Where do you find this? It's that moment between awake, and sleep. It's also many other things can occur such as sleep paralysis (but a complete separate phenenomenon). During this state hallucinations, vivid or monotone, sounds; whispers or bangs ( or very bizarre statements) see title). A static state of where dreams have no dialogue.

This (hypnagogic state) fantasy horror story is scarier, because it's realer than you think. We are just a fantastic machine, slave to our brain. The brain untethered from our conscious is a magical, creative being. When you unplug from your daily consciousness and your brain is allowed to be free, it can conjure up images of horror, fear, and the bat shit crazy. This my friends, like it or not, is your true self.

Come see my cast of characters in rich HD print at the Clio Art Fair in NYC , March 7th through the 10th.

550 west 29th street

New York, NY 10001

VIP reception March 7th. For tickets: Clio Art Fair

If you would like to be my guest for VIP, or would like to join me for the artists brunch please contact me: E MAIL ME

(Not all requests will be filled, due to limited VIP tickets )

"I make pictures, not words. You've been warned, I write how I speak. Who doesn't love a good run on sentence?"

-Amanda J. Armstrong

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