Where in the world am I?

I'm still in an airport somewhere, not so fresh from Dubai. Over 24 hours of travel and airport living. So let's attempt doing this post.

Since October I have been on the road out of state with various shows, showing various collections of mine from the past year. Then it all went World wide, and I am slightly delirious. I feel more like a high functioning zombie who thrives off of sinking into copious amounts of cappuccino. Hotel coffee pots keep me mildly going until I can get to the cafe. It's like the coffee you have, before you have your coffee.

My last stop was the #WorldArtDubai in the Dubai World Trade Centre. It was truly a World wide experience. I met Royalty, big bank CEO's, Ambassadors, and just about all of Dubai. It was the event of the week. Every bridge had a huge LED billboard... we were everywhere. At one point I was signing autographs, and having my picture taken. It's all sort of a blur.

I arrive in Denver tonight, but there will not be much rest. It's all go go go! Next up is a unique show, where you probably wouldn't guess you would find me in. But this was such a unique show of creativity, dance, and art, I just had to be a part of this. On April 19th I will be doing the first ever LIVE photoshoot installation. If painters can live paint, I can live shoot. It will be the most dynamic creation yet.

I have chose to loosely recreate my collection from Dubai, live and outdoors featuring the talented Andrea de la Garza. The most unique part of this evening is that there will be a silent auction for the works created that night. I will be offering a few images on specialty medium (either metallic prints, or aluminium). These will all be created exclusively for this show, and will be one of one! No others will be reproduced in that size and material.

You can purchase tickets to this unique event here. You must enter my referral:

Amanda Armstrong at the check out.

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