One Year of The Body Obscura

About this time last year I was prepping The Body Obscura for it's first National debut at The Clio Art Fair. In the first two days it completely sold out! Soon after that I found myself in South Beach Miami with a few more additions from the collection.

To celebrate I am releasing prints, canvas and aluminum. To preserve the limited editions from the original printing these will not be be offered in the exhibition metallic papers. If you are interested in the limited gallery editions please email me here. This edition will be at a lower cost than the gallery collection and printed on E-Surface paper from Zenfolio .

The Body Oscura Prints now for sale, Fine Art Photography


E-Surface Paper is our most popular photographic paper. Accurate color, lifelike skin tones, archival quality and a traditional photo finish are just a few reasons why customers love E-Surface Prints.

If you like something that is easy to maintain there is also the aluminum images to choose from. These are light weight, frame-less, clean and modern!

The Body Obscura , Fine Art Photography By Amanda Armstrong

Printing your images on Chromaluxe Clear Aluminum enables you to see the brushed aluminum panel through the print. This means you will be able to see the aluminum in any areas that are normally white to low middle grey. The High Gloss finish will enhance your image.

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Thank you for your support. As an independent self funded artist this road is not an easy one. Every sale goes toward the cost of printing for exhibition, and to pay for the walls they hang on. Every sale counts!

Thank you from the bottom of my artsy heart.

XOX Amanda



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