Artist in Residence

I am an "Artist in Residence", I have adopted this term because I find it much more appealing than 'quararentine'. But I do miss working with humans. My photography is human based, and based on human stories. With out it I am lost. So while at home I have turned to objects! It was also fun to lighten the mood, I have found that I have someone internalized the current world situation. Sadly it might have effected my physical health.

So turning to light bright, fun and POP arty... here are a couple of collections just for the sake of #QuarantineArt !

The first: POD people.

Actually not inspired by 2019s Tide Pod eaters... but I was more affected by the hoarders. The insane toilet paper and cleaning hoarding was severe. If the economy was to completely fall out, would this be the new currency. Would the rich flaunt their currency in decadent ways? Would I work for PODs?

So with keeping all of this in mind I created "POD people" in all its ridiculousness.

POD people, POP art, Quarantine Art,

The next collection was for fun! I always enjoy a little white and bright commercial photography . It is soothing, and much quicker studio clean up too. In the spirit of Andy Warhol's Campbell Soup cans I have created "Spicy Hot". Because, I love it spicy!

POP art, Tabasco Hot sauce,

So there you have it, quarantine art.

Images are for sale in "the shop".

But you can still see me in the juried show #SOOSOS ( Save our oceans , save our seas).

Part 1, can be seen here.

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