No POD eaten during ....

After my original collection "POD People" my medium morphed and I found a comfort in Ink Blot type perceptions . I find this a true ironic situation. This was originally an example of a "Flex" of wealth and hoarding during a pandemic. But these tiny packets of poisons painted themselves like tea leaves. I saw creatures that needed help from humanity. I saw also parts of myself , in a cry for a self care moment, after realizing I was internalizing a lot of unnecessary stress. It was slightly disturbing and comforting.

Its like Ken Kesey and Tide Pods sponsored The Rorschach test.

"The Ink Blot Test"

Collection of 7


​Did you even see "POD People"?

'Food For Thought'.....⠀ With the lack of humans around, I turn to again, objects. They can't act worth shit. But they can still make enough statements dressed correctly. ⠀ A few things came to mind with this... Fruit Basket... Domestic Easter Basket... Wealth... Flex... POP art... Fun.... ⠀ I'm going with wealth. I've seen a gratuitous display of wealth in a gallery before. A shit ton of folded money. But cash will become useless in a trade economy. How many pods equal a roll of toilet paper? It this basket worth more? ⠀

Contemporary Art, Minimalism, POP art

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