Bauhaus Photography, pre New Bauhaus... is a thing,

.. fight me. (lol)

It was originally said that Bauhaus photography wasn't "a thing". Early days of the Bauhaus School was more for the record. It soon did become actual classes and study. The study was about use of light, and seeing things like you don't always see them. Bauhaus was deeply embedded in architectural and design roots applied to form and function. Easily applied to photography to those inclined.

I myself studied original Bauhaus to the New Bauhaus, and have applied the theory and technique through my career. My 2020 Pandemic Portrait is not the usual internet saturated version of a "mask selfie". I take a journey into my strengths and past. In this sneak preview I utilize my toolbox, featuring Bauhaus, Film Noir, and Lomotography.

You are invited to the video sneak preview!


Thank YOU!


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