Botanical Dreams Launch

Welcome to the launch! I also included how you can receive a discount on select items in this collection.

I have been dreaming up this launch for months. I still think there will be more to add as the summer goes on. But the core paintings are what makes me so happy. I gave myself a mini deadline of The Sherman Market (May 29th 2021). For this launch there will also be a sampling of illustrations and home décor. They are all inspired by earthy botanical elements. They are all very tactile and layered.

My paintings are very English Garden throw back to my days as a young child growing up in the UK. It really is true, that those cottage gardens are a beautiful explosion of wild flowers! I enjoy the abstract element of the flowers because they are not to be any certain type of flower. But the brain automatically recognizes these images as flowers.

The collection has a variety of sizes and types of canvas to assist in your shopping needs. In includes lighter weight canvas, thicker large canvas, minis, and hand stretched canvas!


Also included in this collection are beautiful tactile, Earthy, botanical décor items. I like to create vibes that fill your home. Each item complements the next with a nod. Another way I brought the outside in is with my succulent pots. Hand formed polymer pots are painted in matte drips (a little nod to the flower drips).

Next feature to this collection are wall hangings that bring in the spirit of the Earth and your natural powers that vibrate through you and your home. These wall hangings reflect on nature, and personal harmony. All heart crafted by me.

Wall hangings are not complete with out hand forged hooks. In the past they were an integral part of my larger installations. This time I have made smaller versions of those bigger pieces, but still utilize the hooks. These rustic hooks are also available separately for purchase for the first time too!

Adding to the tactile portion of this collection are the handmade paper journals, each is hand sewn and offer a different energy. Each piece of paper holds within it pages botanical elements and fibers. Each is unique from the natural process. I also added a small element because I love trinkets, I always love these little moments they add.

To celebrate this very special launch I want to offer many ways you can find something special for you or a loved one.

Discounting art is something very rare, and not always something I can accommodate. Because I have always believes that art is for everyone I have never inflated my prices. But I am a living working artist, that is why this is a short discount and I cannot extend after expiration. Thank you for supporting the arts.

Starting online with prints, totes, canvas reproductions and more I give you 10% off at my store on Fine Art America!

Go here: Botanical Dreams

And use code: MNTTVJ

This discount last forever, and its only good until Saturday June 12th 20210 (5/29/2021


For in person sales: I am offering 10% off on purchases over $50. To be eligible for this you must be an active member of the news letter (fill out the subscriber form at the bottom of the page).

This discount will be active at The Sherman Market 5-29-2021 in Salida Colorado.

Info: The Sherman Market 2021

If you cannot make it, I will be extending an invite to the studio! You may schedule a time with me to tour and shop!

Because I don't offer discounts on my art offer this offer also expires June 12th 2021.

To schedule a private studio visit please fill out this contact form: Fill Out Contact with available dates and times!

Out of state shipping inquires please use contact form. Buyer is responsible for shipping. I send vis USPS. Painting over 30 x 40 are considered bulk items.

Out of state and shipping: Payments are billed through PayPal and offers all major credit cards.

Local/in person: Venmo, Cash or Credit Cards

****(No I do not accommodate your freight company, or cashiers checks, or money over total amount, because those are scams. lol, yeah the same scam still going around. Can you believe they want to pretty much take food from my children's mouths? Really, I have asked them that... they never seem to respond.. hmmm ) <-- yes just for the scammers ****

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