Dark Art, & Crunchy Reality.

Dark artwork is a phrase that may bring up hundreds of references. It definitely means that we're able to speak openly about issues which most men and women prefer to not discuss, or that create discomfort, controversy and fear, since they're effective at exposing all individual fragility and their inability to manage the unknown. The necessarily finitude, the supernatural vision and everything that somehow takes us from the comfort zone also helps us to understand ourselves to our fullest. Everything that attracts us distress also says a good deal about us. Most importantly, however, it is an effort to understand human nature in its sophistication.

Unwrapping The Body Obscura, Miami edition for Aqua Art Miami, during Art Basel.

The Body Obscura, and the world presents itself as an exploration in judgment. While not overtly political, the show was influenced by every part of the current social and political climate, and it presents her views on how judgment permeates all of us, colored by all of our past experiences and what we’ve been taught.

The Body Obscura, first edition NYC sold out before opening to the public.

With the lack of exhibitions, and open galleries I had limited showings this year. In an attempt to take back 2020,I invite you to visit my studio located in Denver with safety protocols in place. In studio I will have The Body Obscura, Miami edition available for purchase. This is a limited edition on metallic paper. I have 1 set available in its original exhibition frames, and 4 of each image on single metallic prints. *Also available will be a few other pieces from national and internationals shows, and media samples.

For a private viewing you ,must make an appointment. Available hours are, Monday - Friday 3pm- 7pm, and Weekend 10am - 7pm through the month of October. Email: hello@AmandajArmstrong.com , send your top 3 requests for date and times and I will try to accommodate one of them.

Masks must be worn for entry.

Available NOW online:

"Pay living artists" Face masks

Click image to shop.

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