Events & Shows!

That feels amazing to say, EVENTS & SHOWS!

I am back with a Colorado local option, and an International option. I am happy that I can share my quarantine work on a larger scale this year in another Art Impact International show: The Endangered, Can Art Save Them?

A six-gallery exhibition with 164 works by 127 artists from over 20 home countries. I took a virtual tour, and it was thrilling. Virtual galleries have come a long way this year. This is so far the easiest to navigate! ENTER THE GALLERY

Are you local in the Denver Metro area?

For the months of November and December I will be physically showing some works that were features in Dubai and Washington DC. Also I will be introducing my painted works. After a year at home I went back to one of my earliest joys which is abstract art. In recent years I was a Mindful Life Coach and Therapeutic artist. As an MBAT artist I create paintings for others that help harmonize their well being and walls. This year, of all years was the year that needed it the most. My paintings is something I do from my heart, it was amazing to see the progression in my works over the years. This year I was able to take a deep dive into them, and that is what I will be sharing here at the Elevation Gallery. You can learn more about these works here: or

The Elevation Gallery along with all the other galleries will be open for First Friday!

November 6th 2020 starting at 6pm!

Gallery Hours:

Friday: 6-9pm

Saturday: 7 -5pm

Sunday 1-5pm

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