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Hello everyone!

I wanted to share my newest work. As a photographer my work maybe 2D, but the concepts are always obtuse. I work within the realms of the human psyche and for me, I must have many humans portrayed in my work. But then you know... COVID... with a closed studio I was forced to look with in. This past year I explored my other artistic facets, once loved in art school but on to be put on the proverbial shelf. I give you my abstract sculptures..

Abstract art sculptures are an expression of my thought process and a way to communicate ideas, feelings or moods. These are small sculptures made up of light and airy structures with no specific form. These tiny sculptures are a light and airy white, but their secondary mission is to create depth with shadows.

The two largest sculptural pieces are different in mediums but share a common idea; a mass of light and airy components grouped together, but still maintaining a sense of light. The next important idea in these pieces are the shadows they create. Something so simple adds an extra special element. These sculptures will change depending on the natural light, or how the light is set. It becomes an ever changing interacting art.

My work is abstract in nature. The use of rhythm, gesture, and movement, as well as the abstract manipulation of form in space to establish visual harmony, combine to create compositions that express the implied intensity contained in my work. The sculptures allude to a common evolutionary phase that we all go through as humans.

Playing with visual equilibrium and the implied energy of a compositional organization becomes an evolutionary mechanism that I equate with the evolution of our shared life experiences. These ideas and principles are what set my work apart from the nature and science influences that speak through it.

The intertwined active forms embody the flux of life and accept transformative concepts like evolution, metamorphosis, and transcendence. I'm fascinated by the process of change that occurs in all living organisms, especially humans.

These ideas have made me more open to their occurrence in other living objects, which leads to the visual aspects of my sculpture. This is what motivates me.

These sculptures will be on display the Month of April, with an opening reception First Friday (April 2nd 2021, 6pm)

The event page, and links to RSVP and directions.

If you would like to commission a sculpture or special order for your home, office, or hotel to be created, please contact me.

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