See "it", in March...

It's been in NYC, it's been in Miami, but not since the solo show has it been seen here in Denver. And it's not the normal one, no, it's a special thing. What is 'IT'?

It's = The Body Obscura.

It sold out once too, so this is the second collection, again gold gilded type frame and printed on metallic paper. And it's bloody phenomenal, and The Body Obscura will be here in Denver the month of March. The venue will be Spectra Art Space. Spectra is one few galleries that works hard for their artists, stands by their artists, and never leaves them in the dust for something more shiny and new.

My inspiration video was where I was in my head, and what inspired me to create The Body Obscura. It also helped my decide that I am going to blaze my path, and shoot my way. I was absolutely terrified for the reactions to the collection, but I also shot it for those same reasons. I wanted an unapologetic voice, I wanted to scream out loud for me, and womxn. I was sick of medias and photographers glossy view of the nude womxn. Heavily edited, black and white, shadow contoured, and skinny AF. Not to mention , these images were produced by the predominantly male art & photography world. They also came with the typical titles and statement of the love for the female form, and this is how I see the women... Yeah I get it buddy, you want us skinny, in the dark, and edited. Noted, and screw you.

Now here you go, these are my pictures,
in color, and in HD.

I feel only now in 2021 I can really be honest, because I feel safer too. I was afraid of standing up for my own art because I was afraid of being bashed and being called "just another loud feminist". I do know I sure as hell didn't dream up that womxn artists are still paid less than men.* I am hella damn proud of this collection, and I do know there was some pearl clutching reactions in Miami and I ENJOYED IT. That true reaction of absolute judgment and assumption so outwardly expressed on ones face was priceless. Iit was a primal warning of man's true nature. Because we know how to mask our true selves, its moments like this I was able to lift the veil and see into one's true nature. I felt a power that I was able to weed out the dangerous animals from the compassionate humans. It was all so dizzying, and took a long time to process.

I was lucky to have an amazing amount of support on the East Coast, and world wide. So I guess it's on to see how Denver my own hometown goes in a 2021, pandemic society.




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