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Timed entrances, lower capacity, dodgy slow VR.... there are nothing but challenges I am facing this past year. Just trying to stay afloat in the art world is like trying to tread water with one arm and a brick tied to my ankle.

Life needs art, and artists provide that, and more.

Snapped opened for the month of photography at Spectra Art space in Denver Colorado. Still facing challenges of operating Spectra has added a VR tour of the gallery. VR shows have invaded our senses, and are sometimes not as user friendly as I hoped. I am happy to share that the VR gallery tour used by Spectra is easy and fluid to use. So now you can visit my collection and shop, on your time!

Denver, Colorado: Spectra Art Space today announces the SNAPPED VR Gallery Tour, a new gallery experience. Our friends at Be Here Virtually have helped Spectra create a 100% virtual (& Free) way to tour & Shop the gallery showcase “Snapped”!

  • No VR goggles needed. View and explore on your phone or computer.

  • You can shop the showcase Directly on the VR tour!

  • Click artist plaques next to each art installation to learn more about the artists.

Visit: spectraartspace.com/snappedvr/ or https://www.beherevirtually.com/snapped/

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