Stop the Hate. A Visual Conversation. The current ‘everything’ climate has reached frustrating levels. There seems to be so much talking over one another it’s just been reduced to screaming. No one is listening anymore. It’s going to take a strong image to impact, to stop the screaming in its tracks. The ‘Stop the Hate’ gag projects an image of a strong vulnerability unapologetically. With that moment of silence, I take the opportunity to tell the subjects story. Its not just a collection on head shots with a gag, but also a collection of stories. Images of who these humans are behind the gag. Their stories, their struggles. A true story of the vast variance of hate in society. No story is weighted more than the other. Because each story is a story of hate. As an ongoing project I open my studio up to participants who want to step in front of the camera and share their story. With our first round of participants we shared stories of a family and their CIS child, and daily struggles. We even have participants who just feel powerless, and who want to find a greater way to show support to those who need it.


Stop the Hate;




I had the pleasure to attend the Parasol Patrols: Shielding Kids From Hate, at the Drag Queen Story Time. This was being  at the Public Library in Broomfield , Colorado.  Most recent Colorado events also include the Mile High Comics ever so popular  Denver's All Ages Drag. Parasol Patrol has been there protecting the young performers. 

Friday evening the Parasol Patrol posted a call to action, learning that there was to be a larger more vocal crowd planning on attending to protest. In previous outings these protesters were know for scaring the young children, and saying vile things.

It was a beautiful sight so see well over 150 Parasol Patrol-ers and they greatly outnumbered the haters! It was all-in-all a happy atmosphere and did an amazing job at creating a shield, and a safer day for the kids and families who attended. I was guilty for shedding a tear or two out of pride and joy. 

Prints are available! Thank you for helping me support my vision. As an artist I do this all out of pocket. This is a labor of love, I hope it shows.

Thank You


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